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How To Clear A Hair Clog From A Tub Drain With A Shop Vac Quick And Easy

Has your tub started draining so slowly that by the time you're done your shower the water is almost up to your knees? Most likely, or you wouldn't be here. Well, let me show you how you can easily clear your drain without chemicals or a drain snake.

All you need for this project is:

- A wet/dry shop vac with the wet filter attached.
- Boxing tape
- An old rag
- A screw driver
- A crochet hook or some type of hook on a handle.

OK, now that you have all your supplies, let's do this. Don't be intimidated, it's so easy. I've saved literally hundreds of dollars by doing this myself whenever my drain needs clearing, usually once a year or so.

1. With your screw driver remove the plate covering the overflow hole on your tub. It's located below the faucet.

2. Once the hole is exposed, dry the surrounding area off with a towel and then tape over the hole so that it's completely air tight.

3. Wet your towel and then wrap it around the nozzle of your shop vac.

4. Turn on the faucet on heavy flow and wait for water to start filling the tub a bit.

5. Turn off the faucet and then quickly insert the vacuum nozzle into the tub drain. Create a seal with the wet rag. Turn on the vacuum. Let it vacuum for a few seconds. Check the drain, do you see any hair yet? If not, repeat steps 4 and 5 over again. You can also lift the nozzle from the drain and then quickly put it back in and gain repeatedly to start and stop the suction to try to break the hairy clog free from wherever it's hanging on in your drain pipe. 

6. By now you should see related a big wad of hair in your drain. Using a crochet hook, screw driver, some tweezers or whatever you have, dig that hairy mess out of your drain and put it in a garbage bag. Do not put it down your toilet. 

7. Dispose of the water from your vacuum outside. Don't put it down the toilet as it likely has hair in it and who wants to trade one clog for another.

8. Remove the tape from your overflow valve and replace the cover.

9. Clean up your tub and then pat yourself on the back because you just saved yourself between $100-$300!

I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy no-nonsense tutorial. Please like Keen Koala on Facebook for more helpful household hints by clicking HERE!