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How To Flatten A Piece Of Warped Plywood

Unbeknownst to me, my bottom dresser drawer had started to sag and eventually fell right out. It wasn't until I went to open the drawer and it was stuck that I noticed. 

I removed the drawer and removed the last couple of nails that were holding the bottom in place. The thin plywood was severely warped. I tried bending it back and this caused a piece of it to break off so I would not recommend that.

I then decided to take a less invasive approach to flatten the plywood. 

Here's what I did:

1. Place the plywood on the ground concave side up. 

2. With a spray bottle of hot water, generously spray the concave side of the plywood.

3. Turn the plywood over so the concave side is now on the bottom.

4. Place some heavy items on top of the plywood until it is flat against the floor. 

5. Put a space heater near the wood and turn it on so the wood heats up and flattens out as it dries.

6. Let it sit like this for 8 hours or so or however long it takes to become flat again. 

This method is super easy and works really well. Check out how well it worked for my dresser drawer bottom. I was very impressed.

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