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Clubman Country Club Shampoo - It Works For Women Too!

I was recently placing an online order and needed to spend a few more dollars in order to get free shipping. 

I decided to purchase The Clubman Country Club Shampoo by Pinaud Clubman despite it being clearly marketed towards men with myself being a woman. I needed some shampoo and the 16 fl oz bottle was a nice ample size. The price was also much more reasonable than any of the salon shampoos marketed towards women.

I liked the bottle's  unpretentious old-timey appearance. It's understated style appealed to my minimalist nature. It comes in a plain round flip-top squirt bottle which could easily be repurposed after.

When I received the shampoo I read all of the information on the bottle and noticed that this shampoo was labeled "For Professional Use Only," so it must be a professional barber shop shampoo, but it's available on Amazon so anyone can buy it. Check it out HERE (Amazon Affiliate Link).

Here is a list of the ingredients from the back of the bottle:

I flipped the top open and took a sniff. I had imagined that it was going to smell like a combination of Pine Sol, Irish Spring Soap, and Old Spice; which are 3 smells that I absolutely detest. I was very pleasantly surprised when the scent was nothing like that at all. It smells like a powdery warm clean vanilla with hints of a scent that reminds me of Avon's Skin So Soft. It's really a beautiful smell that would be worn well by ladies and gentlemen alike. In fact, I liked the smell so much that if they made a cologne or lotion in that scent I would buy it for myself.

So now let's talk about the actual shampoo itself. The bottle says it's enriched with panthenol which is provitamin B5 and supposed to be beneficial to the hair. The bottle also says that it's pH balanced, proteinized with polypeptides, and that it's a natural hair thickener. 
Those were a lot of claims and I hoped it would live up to them.

Here's the information and directions from the back of the bottle:

So let's talk about how this shampoo performed in the shower. The consistency of the shampoo was very nice in my hand. It wasn't too thick nor too thin. I immediately noticed once I started shampooing my waist-length hair that this shampoo was very concentrated and that I needed much less than usual to get an awesome lather. It felt really nice on my scalp and silky in my hair.

It rinsed out completely and left my hair squeaky clean feeling but not dry. I decided to forgo conditioning my hair so I could see how the shampoo performed on its own.

The nice smell of the shampoo lingered slightly on my hair after towel drying. I allowed my hair to air dry and it dried quicker than usual.

The shampoo left my hair feeling very clean, light, full, and bouncy. It didn't weigh down my natural waves. My hair looked and felt shiny and soft. My scalp didn't have any irritation or flaking. I was majorly impressed.

Going forward I'm going to definitely keep using this shampoo. I think I will use it once or twice a week as it performs like a gentle clarifying shampoo and my hair and scalp naturally tend to be on the dry side.

I would definitely recommend this shampoo to other females and males too who are looking for a simple but very effective, high quality shampoo. If you would like to try it yourself you can find it Amazon HERE (Amazon Affiliate Link).