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Help! My Dental Aligners Are Cutting Up My Mouth!

Clear dental aligners seem to be the future of teeth straightening as we know it. These clear aligners invisibly move teeth until you end up with a picture perfect smile. 

One thing to note though is these aligners can often rub and poke on the tender gum, tongue, lip, and cheek areas causing irritation, cuts, and canker sores! 

Let me share with you a list of must-have items that will help prevent and treat mouth abrasions caused by aligners or retainers. 

1. Dental Wax.

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Dental wax is really the first line of defence. If you notice just a tiny amount of irritation, you can place a little bit of dental wax over the area to give your mouth a chance to heal while you get used to the new aligner. I recommend the Butler Gum wax as it's proudly made in the U.S.A., which means it's safe to use in your mouth as the company complies with American safety standards. You can find it HERE (Amazon Affiliate Link)

2. Nail File
- If the dental wax just isn't cutting it, you can use a nail file to gently buff the rough areas smooth.

3. Orajel

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Orajel is great for numbing areas of sensitivity and abrasion in the oral cavity. I would combine this method with one of the above mentioned methods to ensure that you're not just numbing the irritation but actively remedying it as well. Buy it HERE (Amazon Affiliate Link).

4. Electric Nail File

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If your aligners need some serious work to remedy some serious discomfort, I would strongly recommend investing in an electric nail file. They will quickly whittle down any rough or sharp edges and your aligners will be feeling great in no-time. Just make sure to work slowly and carefully to avoid filing away too much of the aligner material.


5. Anti-Sensitivity Toothpaste

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I highly recommend using a toothpaste for sensitive teeth while on your journey. Straightening your teeth is painful enough and can make your teeth become quite sensitive. I strongly recommend Sensodyne Repair And Protect. It contains Novamin which actually helps rebuild tooth enamel! Make sure to buy the CANADIAN imported version though as the American version doesn't contain Novamin. You can find it HERE (Amazon Affiliate Link)

6. Oral Rinse For Dry Mouth

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When your mouth is dry, irritation is more likely to happen and abraded areas will take longer to heal. Keep your mouth fresh and moist with Therabreath mouthwash. I can't recommend this product enough. It really works. 

7. Extra Soft Toothbrush

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When you have to brush your teeth several times a day it's worth investing in an extra soft toothbrush. I love these ones from Butler Gum and I have noticed they have become hard to find in the store. I always stock up when I place an online order. Find them HERE (Amazon Affiliate Link)

I truly hope that this list of items helps you with your aligners journey as much as it has helped me. If you would like some great tips on cleaning your aligners, click on the link below: