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How To Collect Leaf Lettuce Seeds

Leaf lettuce is super easy to grow and if you stagger your plantings, you can enjoy lettuce all spring, summer, and even into fall. Once lettuce starts to bolt, which means it grows tall to go to seed then the lettuce production for that plant is finished.

Don't pull out your plants when they bolt. Let them continue to grow tall, eventually they will flower and then make seeds.

I would say my plants grew to almost 2 feet before flowering and setting seed.

To pick the seeds all you have to do is keep an eye on the yellow flowers. Once a flower opens, a few days later you will notice a white puff ball forming where the flower was.

Grasp the puff ball and pull it out.

Collecting lettuce seeds

The little black seeds will come out attached to the puff ball. You may also notice a milky white latex type substance on your hands when plucking the seeds. Just wash your hands after to avoid irritation.

Milky white latex from lettuce plants flowers

Allow the seeds to dry in a safe place and then place them in an envelope and save them to plant in the spring.

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