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How To Remove Yellowing and Set-In Body Oil From White Bed Sheets

I absolutely love white bed linens and towels. It's too bad that they get so gross looking. Even though I use bleach when washing, the inevitable yellowing from body oil stains always creeps in.

There are 2 easy ways to combat this problem. The first way is to remove as much of the set-in body oil as possible. The second way is to add optical brighteners to your washing that trick your eyes into making your whites look whiter because they distribute blue hues over the yellow hues making them appear white. Pretty cool huh?

Now, let's try to remove those yellow stains first, shall we. 

All you will need is:
- A large pail or bucket
- Hot water
- Rubber gloves
- Laundry detergent 
- Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda*

* If you can't find Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda locally, you can buy it on Amazon HERE (Amazon Affiliate Link). 


Add hot water to your pail and then add 1/4 cup detergent and 1/2 cup Super Washing Soda. Gently mix with a gloved hand until everything is dissolved. Add your soiled clothing items and scrunch them around in the solution until it has penetrated all of the fibers well. Push the clothing items down so they are below the water level. 

Let the clothes soak in this solution for 4-8 hours (depending on how bad the soiling is), coming back every hour or so to give the clothing a good scrunch, paying attention to the most soiled areas such as the collars on shirts or the centers of pillow cases.

Once the appropriate amount of time has past, ring out the clothes and transfer them to your washing machine for rinsing or rinse them by hand very well in the sink.

You won't really be able to tell how well this method works until your clothes are dry, but once they are, I hope you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Now, let's talk about the second method, optical brighteners. This method is much less labour intensive than the previous method. All you have to do is check your laundry section at the store and pick up some Mrs. Stewart's Bluing or Bluette. If you are unable to find bluing locally, you can buy it on Amazon HERE (Amazon Affiliate Link).

These products both come in blue bottles and are a liquid laundry additive that you can add to your wash cycle. 

Make sure that when using liquid bluing that you follow the directions to a T to avoid any mishaps as it is basically a liquid blue dye that you are putting into your laundry. 

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