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How To Collect Seeds From A Yucca Plant Quick And Easy

Yucca plants, also known as ghosts in the graveyard are an interesting plant with long razor blade sharp leaves. Occasionally they will send up long stalks that become flowers. If pollinated, these flowers will turn to fruit and then eventually dry out into seed pods.

I was lucky enough to experience this phenomenon over the summer with my own yucca plant. So, when fall weather set in I decided to collect some seeds so that I could start some more beautiful dessert yuccas.

To harvest yucca seeds, all you have to do is remove the fruit from the plant once it starts to dry out and turn hard. 

Let the fruit sit in a breezy location for a week or so to dry out a bit more.

Break open one of the fruits along the seam. Each fruit or seed pod has 4 chambers. Each chamber has 2 sides. Each side is filled with seeds.

Tap the seeds from each chamber out onto a dry paper. Allow the seeds to dry in the open air for a few weeks. 

Once the seeds are completely dry, you can store them in an envelope until you're ready to plant them.

You can plant them outside in the spring after last frost, or you can plant them indoors literally any time. Below is a picture of all the seeds I collected from about 7 seed pods.

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