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How To Make Yogurt In A Braun Yogurt Maker

When my great grandmother passed away, I inherited her 1980's Braun yogurt maker. Unfortunately it didn't come with an instruction manual. I was determined to figure out how to use it anyway. After some trial and error, I succeeded in figuring out a very tasty recipe that works perfectly in my old Braun yogurt maker. I hope it will be helpful for you if you also have this type of yogurt maker.

Here is what you will need:

- A Braun yogurt maker
- A food thermometer
- A saucepan
- A whisk or fork
- A stove or hotplate
- 4 cups of milk (I like to use 3.25% whole milk as it makes nice, thick, creamy yogurt
- 1/3 cup plain yogurt with active bacterial cultures (I like to use 3.25% Balkan style yogurt)


1. Make sure all 8 of your glass Braun yogurt jars are nice and clean. You won't be using the little lids while the yogurt is making, so put them in a safe and clean spot, like a Ziploc bag.

2. Fill your saucepan with the 8 cups of milk. Heat the milk on your stove over medium-low heat, stirring regularly to keep the heat evenly distributed and prevent scorching. Remove the saucepan from the element once the temperature of the milk reads 110 degrees F on your thermometer.

3. Whisk in the 1/3 cup of yogurt until it's smooth and all of the lumps are gone.

4. Pour the milk and yogurt mixture into the 8 glass Brain yogurt maker jars. There will be enough to fill all of the jars. 

5. Place all of the jars in the yogurt maker and cover the machine with the big brown lid.

6. Plug in your machine, you should see a the little red indicator light come on to show it's working.

7. Now, go do something else for 8 hours as that is how long it will take for the yogurt to make.

8. After 8 hours, you can unplug your yogurt maker. Remove the brown lid. Place one of the small plastic caps on each one of your yogurt jars. You can now place your jars into the fridge until they are cold. 

9. Once they are cold they are ready to eat. Now you can stir in some honey, fruit, or any other add-in that you fancy. Or you can just eat it plain, that's what I do. It's tangy and refreshing.

And there you have it. Now you can make your yogurt and eat it too! 

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