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What's That Weird White Pattern On My Squash Leaves?

Have you noticed the interesting pattern above starting to develop on your squash, zucchini, or gourd plants? At first this can be a bit of an alarming sight. 

You may be wondering if it's white powdery mildew or some type of disease. I assure you that it's not. White powdery mildew looks like this picture below

If the white powdery splotches above are what you're experiencing then you can click HERE for a safe and effective all natural remedy.

Now, back to the white pattern of blotches on your zucchini leaves. You have determined that what you have is not powdery mildew, so then what is it?

Well it's simply maturation of squash leaves. It's a totally natural and nothing at all to worry about. 

These white leaf markings should be celebrated because it means that your squash plants have reached a healthy adult state and are likely producing great crops of fruit for you. 

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