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How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

The long lazy dog days of summer are finally back. For many this means gardening, barbecues, and lovely sunsets on the patio.

When you come inside from these lovely outdoor adventures though, you may notice something undesirable, fruit flies. They may be hanging around your compost basket, fruit bowl, or the food caught in the drain strainer in your sink. Wherever they may be, they're annoying! Before they have a chance to multiply, it's best to get rid of them! 


- A small shallow bowl
- Cling wrap
- A toothpick
- Apple cider vinegar, beer, red wine, or balsamic vinegar
- Liquid dish detergent


Pour about an inch of the liquid of your choice in the small bowl and add a tiny amount of dish soap.

Cover the bowl tightly with cling wrap.

With your toothpick pierce numerous holes into the top of the cling wrap.

Place the bowl in the area where you notice the most fruit flies.

The fruit flies will crawl into the holes after being lured by the scent of the liquid. They will then get trapped. 

After a few days you will see a lot of dead fruit flies in your bowl. Keep the bowl out until you don't notice any more fruit flies in your living space.

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