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How To Grow Petunias From Cuttings

Petunias are awesome and they come in so many eye catching varieties. My favorite is the purple petunia because they smell so nice!

For this tutorial I'm using purple petunias, but of course it will work with any variety. 

All you need is a sharp pair of scissors, a pot with soil, water, and rooting hormone*.

*Rooting hormone: Using rooting hormone is not 100% necessary for success with this project, but I highly recommend it. It will exponentially increase the likelihood that your rooting experiments are successful. It is widely available at garden centers and even hardware stores. It will pay for itself after the first use and one bottle will last for years. I use it numerous times every month. If you can't find rooting hormone to purchase locally, you can buy it on Amazon by clicking HERE (Amazon Affiliate Link).

So now that you have all of your supplies, let's get started. 

Select the petunia stem that you want to take a cutting from and cut it just below the leaves.

Pinch off the lower leaves so you have a bare stem. Dip the stem in rooting hormone and then plant it in a pot with soil. You can root as many cuttings as you would like. Wait half an hour or so after planting for the rooting hormone to absorb and then water the petunias.

Of course they won't look like much in the beginning as they will be small, but keep them in a protected and shady area for a couple of weeks and once their roots take hold they will start growing and fill out nicely!

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