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How To Fix A Garden Hoe When The Head Keeps Falling Off

I seriously believe that fixing things that are broken is quickly becoming a list art. Gone are the days when people try to repair things and instead opt to buy something new.

My dad always fixed things when we were growing up and he instilled those values in me. 

So today I want to show you how you can fix a broken garden hoe when the head keeps falling off.

The head ultimately is falling off because the wooden hole that was holding it in place has become worn and enlarged and can no longer hold the head in place tightly. This becomes super annoying when weeding as you have to keep fixing the hoe every couple minutes.

It's a bit hard to see but the wood inside the hole has been completely worn away from many years of use

All you need to fix your hoe quickly and easily is:

- A hammer
- A knife and/or an axe (I used an axe)
- A piece of scrap wood (not particle board). I just used a log from my apple tree from when we pruned it last year.

What to do:

Split your wood with your axe to create a few small wooden shims. Or use your knife to cut some shims. I made 4 shims.

Place your shims into the hole in your wooden axe handle. Don't place them all in the same spot, try to spread them around the sides of the hole.

Take your hoe head and wedge it into the hole. Use your hammer to drive the hoe head into the hole until it is all the way in.

And voila! Your hoe is fixed! Now you can go on and do some gardening!

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