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Top 10 Annual Flower Garden Plants For 2019

Flower garden trends are a rarely mentioned topic. I remember a few years ago when everyone was growing red and white petunias for the celebration of Canada's 150th birthday. The stores were sold out in those colors it was so popular. I also remember about 10 years ago, everyone wanted bright colored gerbera daisies. Let's take a closer look at the top 10 Flowers that are sure to make a splash in your garden this summer!

1. Galaxy Petunias:

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The petunia scientists were at it again creating another amazing variety. I can't get over how gorgeous these galaxy petunias are. They just began popping up in stores last summer and I'm sure they are going to be a huge hit this year!

2. Black Eyed Susan Vine

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Available in orange and yellow varieties, this climbing vine is sure to be the talk of your garden. Feature it climbing over an arbour or trailing along a fence. It boasts tons of beautiful blossoms and thrives in a partially sunny location.

3. Gazanias

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Gazanias are a wonderful and bright addition to any garden. They are perfect for planting in a flower bed or a pot. They love the sun and are fairly drought tolerant.

4. Giant Begonias

A beautiful addition to a flowerbed. These flowers are huge and give a property great curb appeal. I believe I remember seeing these at the Super Store last year and they flew off the shelves. I'm betting they won't last long this year either!

5. Celosia AKA Cockscomb

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I just love celosia. The flowers are very unique and visually interesting and they have a neat texture. They do resemble a roosters comb or some of them even look like a brain!

6. Pansies

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Pansies will always be a staple in my garden. They are delicate and easy to grow and produce a copious amount of beautiful blooms. Many varieties are also edible, so you can use them to garnish salads or ice cream!

7. Sweet Alyssum

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A pretty little flower that works well for pots as well as ground cover as they can get quite large and take up a decent amount of space.

8. Pink Geraniums

I just love the bright colors of geraniums that have been available lately. I love the bright pink ones and the bright orangey pink ones. Geraniums are a classic flower that are great for keeping pesky bugs away from conversation areas.

9. Black Petunias

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Black flowers are IN! My garden center sold out of black petunias in a week last year. I hope I will be able to get my hands on some this year. I wonder if they have a scent? I usually just buy purple petunias as they smell so lovely but I'm excited to try some of these black ones!

10. Marigolds

I always plant marigolds. They are awesome for lining flower beds and they keep insects away. I have been quite partial to the varieties that produce really large flower heads in the gold color. I just love the large blooms that can be seen all the way from the curb!

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