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Tooth Remineralization Experiment 1 Year Update

Happy New Year Everyone! Welcome to 2018! 

So, it has officially been one year since my dentist told me that I had 7 pre-cavities. At the time, he put in his notes that 2 of them would likely have to be filled after my check-up the following year.

After my wake-up-call dentist visit last year, I decided it was time to get serious and see if I could heal some of the dental decay starting in my mouth. The dentist himself armed me with a remineralising paste called MI Paste which I applied religiously to my teeth every day. 

So, without further adieu, drum roll please, the x-rays are in and my hygienist and dentist both weighed in on the state of my teeth. First off, after cleaning my teeth my hygienist commented that my teeth were very clean and that I should keep up doing what I'm doing. After she looked at the x-rays she commented that she couldn't see any change in the cavities, but they definitely were not getting any worse.

Then came in the dentist who prodded around in my mouth and commented that my teeth felt nice and firmly implanted in my skull (I think that's a compliment). He then looked at the x-rays and compared them to the year prior. He commented that the decay was still there but that in some places it actually looked better than last year! He deleted the tentative filling appointments from my file and commented that I would not be needing any fillings right now and to keep up the good work.

Woohoo! I was over the moon! All of my hard work actually paid off! My plan for this year is pretty much the same, keep my mouth clean, keep my diet nutritious, and keep positive!

I hope this post is helpful to anyone seeking to help their tooth decay. If you have any comments or questions, please leave a comment and I will get back to you!

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