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How To Plunge A Toilet With A Toilet Brush

So, let me set the scene foe you. You're over at a new friend's house for girl's night. The wine is flowing and the hors d'oevres are a plenty. Suddenly you feel a familiar rumble and excuse yourself to the ladies' room. You sit on the toilet cursing yourself for making the 5-bean chili for dinner. You flush the toilet but it doesn't go down. The water starts rising. Your eyes dart around the bathroom. No plunger in sight. You fling open the cabinet under the sink, no luck there either. A feeling of impending doom and embarrassment wash over you. You're just about to call out to your friend for assistance...

Wait, wait, wait. Let's back up for a second. What if I told you that you could solve this little dilemma easily and quickly and spare yourself the shame. 

My high school boyfriend actually taught me this trick and it has stuck with me for my entire life, because it works. 

All you need is a toilet brush. People don't usually hide away their toilet brushes like they do a plunger. It's typically always in the same place, in a little canister, right beside the toilet.

So, here's what you need to do. If you have already tried flushing and the water has started rising, take the toilet brush and begin to plunge the toilet hole, up and down at a bit of an angle towards yourself, rhythmically, quickly, and deliberately, just like you would use a plunger. The toilet brush should create enough suction to disrupt the plug as well as break up all the toilet paper wads so that everything can go down. Once the toilet flushes and the tank refills, flush it again to clear out the system. Swirl the brush around in the clean toilet water and then put it away. Use toilet paper to clean up any splashes that you may have made. Give the toilet one more flush for good measure. Wash your hands and exit the bathroom like a boss.

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